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Publications & Resources

Measuring the Spiritual, Character, and Moral Formation of Seminarians: In Search of a Meta-Theory of Spiritual Change

Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

Ecumenical and Traditioned Measurement: Measuring Christian Maturation Across Distinct Traditions of Christian Spirituality

Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

Relational spirituality profiles and flourishing among emerging religious leaders

Journal of Positive Psychology

Virtues as Mediators of the associations between Religious/Spiritual Commitment and Well-being

Applied Research in Quality of Life

Longitudinal associations for right-wing authoritarianism, social justice, and compassion among seminary students

Archive for the Psychology of Religion

The Influence of Experiential Avoidance, Humility and Patience on the Association Between Religious/Spiritual Exploration and Well-Being

Journal of Happiness Studies

The Impact of Financial Health on the Spiritual, Mental, and Relational Health of Christian Graduate Students

Pastoral Psychology

Experiential Avoidance Mediates the Relationship between Prayer Type and Mental Health before and through the COVID-19 Pandemic


Does Christianity Work?

Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

The biobehavioral family model with a seminarian population: A systems perspective of clinical care

Frontiers in Psychology

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